Technology decisions are important for how the business runs every day. With so many to choose from it can be a daunting task to make those decisions. I can help with identifying and implementing open source, proprietary, and SaaS pieces for the success of the project. Even if that requires me to learn a different language, framework, or library I will do it because it best suits the organization and project. In this way I can be said to be technology agnostic. It’s more important that the customer gets what is right for their project than me getting what is easy for me.

Each day I want to be present of mind and consistently deliver value. The work that I do is important to many people, both to the business owners and their customers. I want to work at the highest levels of quality and performance so that things run smoothly 24-7-365.

With so many variables and technical challenges placing a lot of emphasis on programmers being diplomatic is a big handicap. People’s livelihood depend on the robust functioning of the software every day. Being clear and precise with language is critical to that end. For that reason I do best with teams of direct communicators.

Thank you for your consideration. Contact info is available on the home page.

Be well,
-Tony Crowe

Author Tony Crowe, Salt Lake City, UT
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