While writing the child abuse investigation I discovered there were some very positive things we can do to enhance parenting, the life of the children, and make our communities better. It’s a community project with many contributors.


Improve egg and sperm quality with a ‘Fertility Diet.’ This way you pass on the very best of your genetics. Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Make sure you have a good partner. Ideally they can be an honest and proactive participant.

Buy enough diapers/baby wipes for the first 3 months before the baby is born, so you don’t have to think about it.

Learn how to prevent your child from being abused.

Cook meals and freeze them for the first month postpartum.

Understanding a baby’s development and needs. Taking notes month to month can be helpful.

A friend writes:

I’d definitely advise doing all of the work you can to make sure you and your partner are on the same page about as much parenting stuff as possible. Look for where your weaknesses are, fix that. Look for where you disagree, find a compromise. Write everything down to refer to later so you’re not fighting about it when the issue actually arises, which is going to be at the worst possible time.

Make a family mission statement and uphold it. Adjust when necessary, include children in the decision making process for the missing statement as soon as they’re able.

Health & fitness#

Get fit. Both cardio and weightlifting. Having a baby is a very physical experience and fit women enjoy it far more.

Increase sleep or at least get a good sleep cycle.

Practice your stress management techniques. Less stress during pregnancy has a whole host of benefits.

Low-carb or no carb diet. Carbs, sugars, and grains are degenerative. It’s too sweet for humans.

Support network#

Get your social support network in line. Shake up all your friends and family. Make sure they know exactly how to help and what is expected of them. Be pushy about it. Assign people to do things.

How can one attract local and honorable friends who can help?


A minimalist lifestyle with less objects, trinkets, and clutter can reduce anxiety. It’s less to think about, dust, and sort.

Simplify everything. Make your life as simple as possible. Get rid of your hard to clean, breakable, fancy junk so that you have less work to keep things neat postpartum.

TV is a mind-numbing production of Jewish Hollywood. It will contribute to the hollowing out of your personality and give unrealistic expectations, especially to women. Women are manipulated and influenced by the fictitious high-status characters presented. Men become cheerleaders for other men doing sports. Children will be whining about and nagging you for every toy they like on their show’s commercials. Don’t do it.

Non-parent child care#

Nobody love the child more than the parents. It may be an unnecessary risk to expose them to others who do not have the same consideration as you do.

Ensure adults helping take care of the child understand that harming your child would be the very last thing they ever did. Really put the fear of a slow painful death into them. It might not be suitable to make threats, but its effective. If they recoil in fear, you should take that as a very bad sign.


Education is not necessarily indoctrination.

If you’re not watching TV you can read books and get more depth to your character. You’ll know more of the answers that your children are asking you.

Government schools are not interested in your child’s interests. The government considers only the needs of females and government workers. If you put your child into a school their needs will be undermined in order to give salaries to fat feminist women. It gives the mother an excuse why she doesn’t need to care for the child herself.

Schools aren’t like the used to be. Children can be attacked by hordes of blacks. The only safe place for the child is at home with their mother and father.

WIP: All investigations are a work-in-progress so they will be in various stages of development.

Much of the content within the investigations will be controversial. If you have a bad reaction when reading it please make sure it's not in the list of automatic reactions of dislike before contacting.

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