Parallel Societies

Started from this thought it’s come to my attention that the US federal and state government will not relent in their anti-white agenda. It only escalates.

Yes, many of the people operating the US governments are white and they fight against white interests. It sounds utterly stupid that they would undermine their own racial interests and that of their children. It’s probably one of the stupidest things ever to occur with all humanity yet they persist with it.


The idea is probably something simple and biological like once you get power you don’t care about anything else, even your children, or your race. It works and generations of people have survived using that model. It should be understood and used to our advantage.

The power lust can be dangled in front of people then stripped away once they have served their purpose.

The beginning of the end#

The racial composition of the founders, the conquerors of the USA, was white. Non-whites and other hostile foreigners were permitted to enter the USA either influence politics internally or remotely.

They let in hostile foreigners and permitted any people the freedom to undermine the culture. There were very many pockets in the USA which did not even speak English.

One important aspect of the collective whites is empathy, sympathy, and an increased capacity for narcissism. Meaning that when the emotional apparatus is damaged in youth it is turned to evil and self-destruction. That is how we are undermined to become arrogant and underestimate the power of our enemies.

The enemies are free to come in and corrupt us with drugs, alcohol, sexual perversions like pornography, meaningless entertainment, and the list goes on. I’m sure if you think hard enough you can come up with your own list of trivial pursuits people engage in all day long without thinking.

For more see child abuse investigation.

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