Male abuse

First the boy is abused in childhood.

Woefully unprepared#

Few skills in dealing with adult life are provided to the male upon reaching manhood. It’s an anxiety-provoking moment when you realize that you’re out of school and you have no skills to survive as a real adult man.

Older adults give superficial and useless ‘advice’ to the young man. Realizing that the other adults are arrogant and ignorant is also anxiety provoking.

Where are the adults?

How come nobody has any useful answers?

Why did they put me through 12+ years of education only to give me stupid patronizing lectures after?

Male disposability#

Men are used up via their labor and discarded. Nobody cares except whoever was dependent on the man for labor and resources. And only for a short time.

Soldiers are mechanically and chemically disassembled for geopolitical goals of the rulers.

Briffault’s law#

The family is gynocentric by default and does not willingly consider the short term or long term needs of the male. more

It could be countered if men had in-group preference political representation.

Embedded in a gynocentric system#

Females, government workers, soldiers, and politicians prioritize their own needs above all rational and sane levels causing an undue financial burden on non-gynocentrics. The emotional stress is high as well.

Commensurate compensation#

Man’s abilities are great but female partners and employers set the value of the male artificially low. A man can provide for a woman and uphold his end of a relationship but the female is permitted and encouraged to psychopathically extract resources from the man without reciprocating.

Many men expect a female to spontaneously see that he is providing and then for her to honorably reciprocate of her volition. He’s been misled to the nature of females. He expects the male-female relationship and providing entitles him to house work, attention, affection, and sex. He is often mistaken.


People aren’t really clear about why to get married. There is little awareness that ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ are roles and jobs requiring effort.


The gynocentric government courts favor the interests of the female even if she was a terrible wife, cheated, lied, or anything else. The man can be financially eviscerated by it.


Resources are extracted from the productive man to subsidize other demographics that are hostile to the productive man.


A man can withdraw from society and nobody notices. If they notice they don’t acknowledge. If they acknowledge it has no relevance to them.

Susceptibility to manipulation#

The male is not encouraged to consider how his mother and female caretakers were manipulative. Later on female partners are able to tap into his naiveté, the emotional avoidance, caused by the childhood manipulation.

The female can withdraw attention and affection to ‘soften up’ the male. Usually he wont have conscious awareness and then eventually capitulates to her whim.

The verbal manipulations are also all effective. He will not have the energy or emotional awareness to counter it.


Many think that there are different forms of estrogens and related chemicals in water, food, inks, and the environment. I don’t know how one can prove that but it’s a common belief worth looking into for whoever has the time and resources.


Parents and the community can treat the boy and man inappropriately as a female or taunt him for having girly features.

The sexually abused boy can become a gay man in an attempt to use pseudo-mastery, a coping strategy, to master his sexuality. The sexual abuse will cause him to want to have a pathological compensation or double-down imitating a female.

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