Female abuse

First the girl is abused in childhood.

Unrealistic expectations#

Too much is expected of women and the expectations are unrealistic. Their biological functions are understated, manipulated chemically, and devalued. They are encouraged to compete with men to which they are not capable.

Men and women are different and complimentary but women are encouraged to think in terms of superior and inferior.


The majority of women I’ve met in my adult life are addicted to pharmaceuticals. They have little or no emotional depth and take nothing seriously. Women are made artificially nihilistic on top of being naturally solipsistic and neotenous.

Women brag to men about their reproductive capacity, that they are the gatekeepers of creating babies, and then they chemically castrate themselves with ‘birth control.’

Withdrawing from the chemicals is nearly impossible due to fear of being out of control afterwards.


The society encourages women to indulge to no limit to any of her desires.

She’s encouraged to try to control, motivate, and discipline men who are uninterested and disabled by the gynocentric government system.

Obesity or starvation, manliness, and haughtiness in women is encouraged. Femininity to extremes is encouraged a.k.a. Bimboism. (see mall products)

Being disciplined by men is illegal negating the male’s positive reasoning, and limiting, influence.

Sexual abuse#

Most topics surrounding women are about sexual manipulation. It’s designed to pervert her nature far out of balance. She is used as the primary instrument of Communist terrorism.

She will be encouraged to control her reproductive cycles and fornicate many men rather than being in a loving relationship with one man. The bond with men becomes impossible.

Lesbianism is promoted. Many women who were sexually abused in childhood will succumb to the pressure to be a dyke rather than address her childhood trauma. Yes, being a dyke is a strong signal she suffered childhood sexual abuse then used pseudo-mastery, a coping strategy, to ‘master’ her sexuality. It’s like doubling-down trying to act like a male or justify sexual activity with females.


Many think that there are different forms of estrogens and related chemicals in water, food, inks, and the environment. I don’t know how one can prove that but it’s a common belief worth looking into for whoever has the time and resources.


Females are granted control over vast funds to be spent. Advertisers know this and tempt her with attractive ads and shows. Malls are packed with products mostly for consumption by females. Her status-seeking and attention-seeking nature are manipulated for profit and they are unprotected from it.

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