Child Abuse Investigations

Child abuse is setup, executed, then people deal with it poorly after the fact.

Planning to have a child#

The ideal situation for the child is when the parents plan for it in advance. The more planning and discussions around it the better. Work done ahead can prevent a lot of problems, like abuse, later.

People capable of thinking and empathy will naturally consider it to some degree ahead of time. They may write down what they think or learn. They would discuss it with family and friends. Ask questions like “What would you have liked to plan for ahead of time?” inquiring into the more difficult aspects.

Others who this does not occur for spontaneously could receive guidance from family and community. They should be encouraged to think and work on their planning ahead of time but this is not a skill that they naturally have. Classes can be arranged to go through a lot of the common scenarios.

Conceiving haphazardly#

Most people I’ve spoke with go the haphazard route. They just don’t plan and they are blind-sided by almost all the challenges. They underestimate the difficulty of all circumstances and choices surrounding parenting and childhood.

We shouldn’t shame someone for doing what most people do. They can be encouraged or pressure put on them to do this positive step.

Abusers planning and grooming#

The sinister people will have some kind of plan and preparations for how they secure their victims. Planning ahead for your child’s safety can thwart their devious plans to destroy the child.

The government and church act the same way. They want to indoctrinate the children with a specific set of ideas and beliefs so that the child will support and justify the existence of the state.

They want them as early as possible offering by offering daycare and school. It’s a temptation, a vice, that women love. If other women can be paid minimum wage to watch over the children the mother will be freed up to do things she likes more than being with the children.

Governments setup agencies to ‘protect’ children. In reality they move them from one environment to another where the government has more control over them. They can sell the child or offer incentives to people to gain access. They can drug the children freely. You will often hear stories how someone was taken from a bad environment and put into a worse one.

Non-parent adults don’t love the child as much as the adults.


They put many of the children, especially boys, on psycho-pharmaceutical drugs. Rumors are that it can shrink the brain and cause a loss of emotional depth.

Parents and communities sometimes give children illegal drugs and alcohol as well. Some of the damage can be stunted growth, inappropriate social interactions, and sexual abuse.


Often parents are uninterested and uninvolved. It’s the most common form of abuse and people don’t seem to think of it. They think of hitting because it’s so obvious. But what do you do with a giant, boring, black-hole of nothing? How do you put words to a situation where you think you might be missing something but you’re not sure what?

Women are also generally less able to empathize with a son than a daughter to due a natural female in-group preference.

A parent or both parents missing will cause a large wound for the child. There is much to learn from a positive mother and father. If they are gone it is not learned right away. There will not usually be any volunteers or anyone to tell the truth.


It’s the obvious form of abuse. Adults and other children usually find someone smaller and weaker in order to indulge in sadism. The idea is that one can discharge their inner hate on another thus externalizing it temporarily.

Sexual abuse#

I wont go into details how it happens due to some ignorance but also the wretchedness of the topic. I can link to other sources.

The unprotected child can be abused sexually. It is very common for family members to incestuously use the child as a sexual object. It’s obviously very bad because the family has a duty to protect the child and also family sex is forbidden by Westerners due to observed deformations in the babies conceived from incest.

Teachers and clergy in schools use children sexually. They can get easy access to children because mothers do not want to care for the children themselves.

Daycare & school#

Mothers can drop off the child with strangers and go do other things. The mother implicitly conveys that the children are so unimportant, so low status, she is willing to discard them to strangers.

The result is anxiety. Some say the children get PTSD from it.

School workers are vapid, selfish, and unqualified to educate. They can only indoctrinate because they would be unable or unwilling to discover the needs of the child. If they considered the needs of the child and had any honor they would not be able to do the job to begin with.

There will be some kind of indoctrination and mental abuse of the child. The child’s own interests are irrelevant to the parents and teachers. Instead the interests of the state are prioritized for the children.

Due to the natural desire for an abuse victim to justify the abuse they will perpetually fight for the state, even to the death, rather than consider that their interests were harmed.

The risk of strangers sexually abusing the children is very high. The type of person who works in schools wants to have unjust authority and dominion over children. The worker’s may have the mental maturity of children themselves.

Lording over the children and having access in that way gives them pleasure. It’s a way to perpetuate abuse, avoid confronting their own abuse, and double-down on it sealing their soul-death.


Many children are provided with unlimited amounts of entertainment via Jewish Hollywood. Parents usually provide it to distract the child away or haphazardly allow it willy-nilly. The child developers a morbid fascination with the TV programming. With their minds still forming we don’t know all the effects.

The shows are extremely vapid and basic. They do not talk about any real issues like family life or explanations why parents do what they do. The characters are mostly other abandoned children in fantasy environments.

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