About Tony Crowe

Tony is an experienced software developer who ascended to the top levels of that trade to “Architect.” It’s a technical leadership position where he is asked to coach other developers to higher levels of proficiency and to facilitate the delivery of web and mobile products.

He saw that the corporate leadership was moving away from technical excellence and more toward conformity to Communist ideology. Knowingly or unwittingly the leaders that were supposed to be helping employees achieve greater success in the market were only there to enforce a sinister culture antithetical to The West.

Seeing the writing on the wall Tony decided to look for other opportunities. He’s now developing “human needs” businesses and entering the arena of the culture war.

Some of the older posts are about things I discovered in philosophy and psychology. I wanted to help clarify some of the ideas for myself and friends.

Technology and work-related items are interspersed.

Going forward I want to work on more white politics content and projects. 👌

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