Jewish Science

Science is viewed as a high status job for smart people. Back when they had families they would plan to have one son be a scientist and another a lawyer or a priest. When people see the prestige, diplomas, government funding and they want in even if they don’t have the aptitude. Other times people motivated by truth or a desire to serve their nation. Not everyone, and not every race, is suited for the rigorous empirical work that quality science requires.

The way to go about science was debated in Europe. Communication and international negotiation was difficult, especially for the Germans. They claimed they were being misrepresented by the press. British scientists were aligned against the Germans.

Nobel Laureates Philipp Lenard and Johannes Stark proposed “Deutsche Physik” or German Physics as a solution. It was supposed to displace “Jüdische Physik” and the use of English terms. They wanted to be proud of their collective accomplishments and use Deutsch to name the physical phenomenon they discovered.

photo philipp lenard photo johannes stark

Big disagreements in substance came from the German’s arguments against Einstein’s relativity. The Jewish media’s explanation for the dispute was jealousy and stupidity by the Germans. Another part of the dispute was around the aether, ether, or luminiferous aether. The ether was a scientific foundation for the Germans.

Diagrams from “Deutche Physik” on fields, energy, and magnetism.

The Jews were passionate to study and write on subjects like pacifism, religion, anarchism, socialism, and communism. It was important to them that these subjects be included in all European universities along side the work their own intellectuals like Einstein, Freud, and Marx. The best thing for the Jews was for all of Europe to hold aloft these famous Jewish thinkers.

Lenard was quick to join the National Socialist movement and he was welcome by the party to start work. Lenard and Stark started teaching that each race has it’s own features that are expressed in science. They were teaching that the influence of the Jews would have a negative impact on the cultural and scientific progress that the Germans could make. Confronting the Deutsche Physik movement the Jews found themselves being excluded from participating in German science.

By the late 1930s, there were no longer any Jewish physicist professorships in Germany, since under the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 Jews were not allowed to work in universities.

-rational wiki

At some point the Germans had enough with all the bickering and being insulted by the Jewish press. After the boycott of Jewish businesses in April 1933, the German Student Union went out to ‘fix’ the situation with literary cleansing by fire.

The German Student Union decided…

literature should be cleansed of the “un-German spirit”, resulting on 10 May in the ritualistic burning of tens of thousands of books marred by Jewish intellectualism


baying students threw the books of Albert Einstein

Can you imagine the students going out there raging at Einstein’s name and casting their books into a pile? It’s a funny thought but if you look at the images they just look like a bunch of nice orderly youths casually tossing the books in a pile and sieg heiling.

On 6 May 1933, the German Student Union made an organized attack on Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sex Research. Its library and archives of around 20,000 books and journals were publicly hauled out.

Many more burnings of Jewish literature followed.

Joseph Goebbels pronounced:

The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism is now at an end.

The epithet “book-burners” is born. Extreme Jewish intellectualism may have been snuffed out for a time in Germany but in other places it was as strong as ever.

Jewish Nukes#

“Einstein’s letter to FDR” details a new energy source, nukes. The Jews, Benard Baruch and Leo Szilard, present this material to Roosevelt.

Leo Szilard patented Nuclear Weapons in 1931 and got the US to build it, and waived the patent. They were all Jewish scientists that fled from Hitler. It was the Final Solution to the German Problem.

-Paesur Biey the Jewish Science worshipping Boomer

From another place, somewhere, I read that the letter to FDR was composed in Alexander Sachs’ office. It was Szilard who actually wrote the letter, but put Einstein’s name on it.


The man who arranged the meetings between the scientists and the president was a Jewish banker and close friend of the president, Alexander Sachs

-Peter Myers

FDR the fraud goes along with it and they start the Jewish nuclear program here in the USA.

Ever since 1933 Sachs had been one of the unofficial but extremely influential advisers of the American President

-Robert Jungk, “Brighter Than A Thousand Suns”

Robert Oppenheimer the Jew was the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory. He starts them off with the unsurprising name “Manhattan Project.”

Benard Baruch of the Jewish Antifascist Committee has full access to mutliple presidents, President Wilson and FDR. He’s got his plan for world government. What could go wrong?

In 1946, the US government put to Stalin a plan for World Government, created by Bernard Baruch & David Lilienthal, both Jews. This plan was put in the pages of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Bertrand Russell

-Peter Meyers

So you’re saying we should grant a small ethnic minority funding to create a super-weapon? What could go wrong?

Many Jewish scientists worked on the Manhattan project. The most famous of them was Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Los Alamos laboratory; the others included Leo Szilard, Niels Bohr, Otto Frisch, Eugene Rabinowitch, James Franck, Felix Bloch, and Edward Teller (who later developed the H-bomb).

-Peter Meyers

With their close ethnic networking through government, finance, and science they can monopolize a project and control access. When people catch on to the significance of the nuclear programs, who runs them, and what it’s really for it will open up an interesting can of worms.

Intelligence, IQ, and testing#

The Intelligence Quotient is broken up into subscales, verbal and performance scales. The mainstream test for it is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale WAIS by David Wechsler, a Jew. If you listen to a lot of people speak on intelligence they go into a hierarchy of IQ scores sorted by race. Something like Jews, East Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks. They are usually referencing “The Bell Curve” by Murray and
Herrnstein. Herrnstein is a Jew.

What do each of the tests and scales produce and how do you calculate it? I cannot find a formula or how to calculate IQ anywhere. I was looking for some clues on this difficult subject and most people don’t seem to want to discuss the racial difference in scores or how the scores are calculated.

This test also changed the average IQ results of Jews from somewhere around imbecile to an alleged average IQ of 115!


Wechler is responsible for the widely held assumption that the IQ difference between the sexes is just minor.


The army mental tests had proven beyond any scientific doubt that, like the American Negroes, the Italians and the Jews were genetically ineducable. It would be a waste of good money even to attempt to try to give these born morons and imbeciles a good Anglo-Saxon education

-Carl Brigham, professor of psychology at Princeton, American Eugenics Society, creator of the SAT test

He was a nordophile assigned to the U.S. army to come up with tests for vetting students entering university. As a eugenicist he was trying to “safeguard American intelligence” and control immigration based on his studies.

Asians are complaining about discrimination in academia now and comparing it to the Jews of Brigham’s time in the 1920s. There’s something different about this kind of discrimination. The Asian scores on the SAT are being lowered 50 points while Blacks are given a bonus of 230 and Hispanics a bonus of 185. They hardly ever make mention of the Jews.

Before converting 12,000 AFQT scores to 12,000 IQs, later correlated with many sociological factors from sick leaves to birth weights

-The Father’s Manifesto / The Christian Party

That’s another clue. What sociological factors are used in these tests?

The tests are:

  • SAT
  • NAEP
  • ACT
  • GRE
  • IQ

I can’t find how any of these tests are scored, who scores them, or what they do to use sociological factors as a weight. There is a lot of information missing. I wish I had a more developed picture of how this is done but at least this section can serve as inspiration for another investigation into intelligence, scoring, and discrimination.

The secrecy, complexity, sociological factors, and Jewish control over academic admissions make this a Jewish Science. The tests themselves might have a lot of use and validity. For example many of the tests might not have bias but then they are compared with sociological data to exclude Whites. Either way I believe it merits further research by an honest White.

Nikola Tesla#

photo of tesla

Silenced, relegated, and spied on by the U.S. government, Tesla was dismissed as a kook and a mad scientist by the Jewish Media. They didn’t like him because he was confident about what he knew and he produced results. Tesla was an inventor and engineer. He made real objects that worked and everyone uses today.

Max Fleischer came up with “The Mad Scientist” cartoon to mock and demonize Tesla.

max fleischer's mad scientist

There is some evidence he was Jew-aware.

tesla: social trilobites

tesla: never trust a jew

-Margaret Cheney, “Tesla: Man Out of Time”

Tesla researched all the literature in all six languages he knew. He rebutted Einstein and the people who said were blindly following along in stupidity. Tesla told them, in his time, without knowledge of the ether they were doomed to futile efforts.

Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.

-Nikola Tesla, describing the hallmark of Jewish Science

tesla ether 01
tesla ether 02

-“Tesla: Man Out of Time”

Like the Germans, Tesla thought the ideas around the ether were important. That seems to be a critical issue these scientists debated in the past. If you were a proponent of ideas based on the ether you must then necessarily be ostracized by Jewish Science proponents.

There’s a conspiracy theory that the Jews had him murdered and John G. Trump with the FBI, ancestor to Donald Trump, collected and processed Tesla’s belongings. More on that another time…

Ivor Catt#

photo of catt

There will have been numerous attempts to reform the state of the defense industry, all of which have failed.

-Ivor Catt, attempted discussion with the Ministry of Defense

Catt discovered all the tricks and documented it. It’s not clear if he made the connection with Jews themselves but I’ve incorporated some of his work into the Jewish Science Checklist

During the first 50 years of my life I became more and more uncomfortable as such a large proportion of those I associated with turned out to be Jewish.

-Ivor Catt

His awareness of the Jews is low but he talks about encountering more and more of them the higher he gets into his career. He seems to be encountering a lot of them through work and being confused by a lot of what they are doing.

It’s typical of his circle that he made no attempt to investigate the Talmud, or the Khazar theory of the origins of modern Jewry.

It’s typical of White men in science and tech to be baffled by what seems like incompetence and stupidity. They don’t start by considering if it’s a scam. Maybe it’s an alien idea to them or they can’t imagine the scale of it. To discover one thing it leads to another and another.

Ivor had no idea of the Jewish part in disrupting and damaging Britain and elsewhere. Even if he had, it’s unlikely the other members would—Families Need Fathers shows no awareness of the constant anti-family pushes from Jews. Other Jewish issues, such as promotion of homosexuality and the hidden problems of child-abuse, lurked in the background. So these micro-organisations floundered, unable to fix on a policy or strategy to achieve it.

-Rae West interviewing Catt

Catt’s work will be instrumental for us to make other people aware of the organizational structure of systemic Jewish Science fraud. For example if you are a young man going into high technology having knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the system ahead of time can help rocket that man up through the ranks or help him to get out and cut his losses more quickly.

Harrold Hillman#

The biologist Harrold Hillman had many encounters with Jewish Science through his career. Like Catt, he was not overtly Jew-aware. He discovered that most of what people pass off as biology is nonsense.

Hillman attempted to form an organization called “International Campaign for Academic Freedom.” The idea was to get Catt and other scientists to work together and correct the absurd situation in science. A lot of people sense there is a lack of progress and disappointing results in medicine and that is something Hillman addresses.

About two-thirds of the work done in biology in the half-century since about 1945 is fraudulent

-rerevisionist or Hillman, but speaking about discoveries in Hillman’s work

Rae West, the “rerevisionist”#

Rae West appears to be the first person since the Deutche Physik movement who pulled on the thread of the sweater of Jewish Science. There’s no indication if he ever studied Lenard or Stark.

There is a pattern with some British thinkers and their approach to knowledge and science. They want to know how things work all the way down to the fundamental levels. They end up uncovering frauds very naturally. West is one of those types except he explicitly Jew-aware.

Because the members of elite groups may extend widely across the world, local interests may be crushed or ignored in ways which the victims hardly believe credible.

-Rae West

The callousness may be incredible to the victims

-Rae West

You can see from West’s work that he can imagine the scale of the fraud and study it dispassionately. I recommend checking into his work at and the rerevisionist YouTube channel. His interests and research have brought him through many different subjects and have been a great source for connecting the dots on Jewish Science.

How does Jewish Science work?#

You’ll find that most of what passes for science today is actually Scientism, or Jewish Science, and does not reflect the nature of reality. There are objective ways ways to figure out if something is Jewish Science or not.

“A priori science” describes science which aim is not knowledge but a desired end. Doing something “a priori” means starting with a believe and than trying to proof this believe right, or wrong, depending on the desired outcome. The desired end of a priori science is therefore not knowledge or truth but action. “A priori science” is to real science what is propaganda to real information.

It’s management-heavy and there’s cooperation between their government contacts. Alternatively they can scam the politicians with propaganda. If you toss a bunch of jargon at regular people they can’t discern any validity in it.

Catt breaks up their tactics into different categories which are now the mainstream way to handle science and tech projects. These are a few I plucked out of Catt’s work that I’ve seen myself in tech.

  • Inverse Firing Order This causes a manager to lay off his best, rather than his worst, man.

  • The Incompletion Gambit The most secure project is the unsuccessful one, because it lasts the longest.

  • The Supremacy of the Prosaic Any suggested major improvement in product or technology is primarily a threat to the security and livelihood of one’s co-workers.

  • The Con Game If a manager supports an idea which is unsuccessful, he is fired. So he must mislead his boss and make him think that the project is going well

Christians Making Jabs at Jewish Science#

It’s worth noting that Christians have attacked certain aspects of Jewish Science knowingly or unwittingly. It’s in their nature to be careful with their words and have it reference their own stories.

Even though The Bible doesn’t mention how old the earth is or a way to date the Christians argue with scientists about Carbon dating and similar techniques. They argue about the methods, instruments, and the interpretation of the results. Dating objects is Jewish Science due to it’s inaccessibility and interpretation of data. What metrics are these machines producing and what does that tell us?

People generally believe that dinosaurs exist but some Christians either don’t believe in the existence of dinosaurs or try to fit dinosaurs into the context of The Bible. The dinosaurs controversy falls into Jewish science because it’s part of Archeology, a secretive branch of science dealing in reproductions of fossils and many blatant frauds. There is little or no evidence for many fossils. They might find a tooth or a toe and make a whole story around a creature from millions of years ago.

Jewish Science media often publish stories of Christians as some type of “denier” of science and an idiot, most notably with the climate. Another favorite tactic of the Jewish media is to highlight how people of faith are working in science. It might have something to do with the dating of the ice samples going back farther in time than The Bible. But also Jews hate Christians even though Christians usually have positive sentiments for Jews, the chosen people.

You should not expect the average Christians to attack Jewish Science directly. Perhaps indirectly they will continue to but probably not for the same reasons that empiricists do. You should also not expect Christians to ally with you in learning about or exposing Jewish Science because they are just as likely to view you the same way as a Jew, as an outsider, except you are not a chosen person by God.

Examples of Jewish Science#

  • String theory
  • Special relativity
  • General relativity
  • Black holes
  • Multiverse
  • Big bang
  • Dark energy
  • Dark matter
  • Anti matter
  • Climate science
  • Geoengineering
  • Space
  • Nuclear power
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Particle accelerator
  • Bio: Virology, AIDS, Alzheimers, arthritis, cancer, vaccination
  • Spintronics
  • Quantum computers

Most of these subjects are inaccessible. You cannot afford to reproduce the experiments or get access to the data. You will be attacked if you ever question a fundamental detail of them. All of them are unlikely to produce anything useful to your life and will only be a drain on the economy.

The Future of Jewish Science#

Jewish Science is the dominant form of what people call “Science!”

The whole thing can be unraveled and more leaks will come out and people dig deep. More connections with the Jews will surface all the time. It will be exciting to see where it goes! We should expect some interesting evidence to surface as Boomer traitors retire and give their death bed confessions. They can automatically trigger the release of details of frauds as long as the lawyer handling their affairs is not a Jew.

The common person is conditioned to reject the Jewish character of the science frauds. For them it will be an irrelevant and coincidental detail and an isolated incident. “There’s bad apples in every batch.” They’ll continue to defer to whoever has power and defend them.

There is a very large cost and consequence to Jewish Science. Germans, Brits, and Americans were edged out of jobs due to their truth-seeking. Many discoveries have been concealed and opportunities squandered. A huge amount of productive output from whites has been diverted to the Jews and that means less resources for whites and less white babies born. We have nothing to show for funding Jewish Science.

Jewish Science is a reminder to white people what we lose when we trust hostile foreigners and when we don’t think for ourselves. It’s the natural consequence when White parents sit watching Jewish TV rather than working together and planning for their sons to be a scientists. I hope by publishing this and more in the future we can turn this situation around and make progress with each other.

Thanks and take care!

Gallery from Deutsche Physik

🤓 Other sources and notes 🤓

Funny article kvetching about Nazis who bullied poor ol’ beleaguered Einstein. 😭

“African Language and the African Mind” talks about the psychology of Africans and how they viewed things like university and degrees. If you can see the connection it will help.

Is Johannes Stark connected with the Tony Stark character in Ironman? It does not say so in the official Marvel info page.

Hertz was slightly Jewish by blood.

Steinmetz was a Jewish Socialist? (Commie?)

Rae West / Big Lies sources:

As an aside, it makes me wonder if the ancient “Greeks” like Socrates and Aristotle were actually the Anglo race. I have not seen any other people similar to them with regard to empiricism, honesty, and forthrightness. Tacitus hints at it since the romans wanted “Germanic” guards for the honesty and loyalty.

Ivor Catt’s websites:

Baruch plan for world government:

My Jewish Science Checklist

Stephen Hawking the Anti-Semite

“Deutsche Phisik” by Philipp Lenard

College admission scores bonus for blacks and hispanics:

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