Simp Men

Some women I knew long ago used to talk about how disgusted they were by simp men. That wasn’t the language they used (simpering)

They would toy with them and get them to do silly things for amusement. Crawl, bark like a dog, and you know… just have the fellow degrade himself in public.

A pal and co-worker in the past had his wife cheat on him… with his ‘best friend.’ She divorced him, took the house, and BOTH cars!

Some other men I knew permitted their woman to verbally and physically abuse them without any consequences.

These are the kind of men I’ve been expected to work with in my industry, web and mobile tech. I can see why women were also disgusted by them.

Part of me is glad they’ve been punished by women in such a way. These kind of men have lied, sandbagged, and sabotaged our work projects. They have no honor.

I can’t even tell you how many times I wanted to drag them outside and beat the crust off them for these ridiculous games they play on our multi-million dollar projects.

The West already collapsed. This is the dystopia.

simp man

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