The Parental Rights Amendment SJW Factor

A friend recently wrote about a proposal called The Parental Rights Amendment. It alters and reasserts some limitations for the government with regard parenting, particularly religious parenting and education.

We’ll get to some of the juicy substance… but first lets talk about SJWs!

Multicultural Virtue-Signaling + Science!#

Viewing the marketing material we see that unique black family members are over-represented when compared with US census data. The technique is consistent with leftist-style marketing in all Western nations. It’s combined with a strong emphasis on discrimination which uses blacks as a battering ram against objections. You wouldn’t want to be a racist by opposing this thing would you?


(The method is to count individuals in images, where it looks like family members, and type the number seen for each skin tone.)

Racial Discrimination#

The website’s articles and associated YouTube videos highlight racial discrimination as an important aspect of the amendment. Any time there is a disparity of outcomes between black and white it’s attributed to racism. That is widely accepted and few argue against it.

Their approach is to look for differences in outcomes then asserting racial discrimination. If one accepts their premises that blacks are discriminated against for child abuse then it implies Systemic Racism. What follows is that CPS and judges are racists. This is the view consistent with the liberal platform.

Another view is that the amendment authors reverse cause and effect distracting away from and absolving black parents for a higher rate and severity of child abuse. If it’s off the table to discuss in civilized political discourse consider your side has already lost.

Governmental Interest & Committies#

The amendment is worded to reduce government involvement in the raising of children. If the amendment can be paired with a simultaneous reduction in the funding, quantity, and other power of self-interested state organizations it may have a greater impact.


The government ensures abuse by rewarding single-motherhood with increasing payments per child. Intact families are discouraged. There is not a compelling case for mobilizing resources from hard-working citizens to impersonal government employees to deal with children. It’s impossible for that to work.

The document can be strengthened by adding language that blocks and refuses ALL government interest in any case whatever. Abuse can only be solved by the family and by the encouragement of the community they are embedded in.


‘Government Interest’ is an arbitrary justification for coercing citizens. The widespread acceptance of the ‘unjust racial discrimination’ concept and popular narrative entrenches the committees and weakens the amendment.

Can you guess which kind of people love being on committees and wielding power over others? That’s the same ones who are already believed to be racists running the show… and writing the document… and wanting to shuffle this kind of paperwork around.

My friend points out that parental rights are already covered implicitly by The Constitution’s Ninth Amendment. That’s a good observation and helpful to remember. Would it help to have it explicitly appended? Either way our people have a duty as a parent, the right, and for some it was a job they were given by their divine creator.

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