Hierarchy of Social Quality

Everyone has to find a way to have their needs met in order to survive. Beyond that a bit of finesse can be used to create wealth. For most it is not a conscious process but it can be if we choose to think about it in explicit terms.

These questions are helpful to ask when considering how to deal with others:

  • Which mode will I choose to operate socially?
  • Will anyone go along with me willingly?
  • How do I want my representatives to operate?
  • What is the incentive for others to consider my needs?


download hierarchy-of-social-quality-v1.pxm


  • Negotiation
    • Win-Win
    • Creative process to discover mutual needs
    • Humble and open to better ideas
    • Trust established
    • Equality recognized
    • Trade cost reduced
  • Compromise
    • Lose-Lose, Win-Lose, or Win-Win
    • Uncertain motives, benefits, and value
    • Impersonal or adversarial
    • Grudgingly accept terms
    • Possibility for desperation and capitulation of unequal parties
    • No gain in reputation
    • Ambivalent or inflexible about ideas
  • Command
    • Win-Lose or Lose-Lose
    • Hierarchical dominance
    • Punishment for disobedience
    • Trust reduction for unjust authority
    • Intrusive or coercive with ideas
    • Potential for exploitation
  • Murder and Theft
    • Win-Lose or Lose-Lose
    • Exploitative and destructive
    • Foster distrust, hostility, and insecurity
    • Greatly increase the cost of trade
    • Trauma and suffering increased
Author Tony Crowe, Salt Lake City, UT
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