Comments and Questions RE: Trump-May Press Conference and Our Interests

In response to this video FULL: President Trump & British Prime Minister Theresa May Press Conference I’d like to add some commentary.

Our ‘special relationship’ with Britain#

There is a special relationship between us. Many of our ancestors are from the same lands, sharing a common language, and intertwined with commercial activity. There was a comment by President Trump that we have been joined for a cause of justice and Prime Minister May adds we have cooperation through NATO. Those are parts of the relationship I’d like to put into question.

Is it justice that our nation’s leaders have been joined for the cause of waging war with each other or as allies against other European nations? Are we supposed to be happy about cooperating in NATO while implicating our troops in Afghani-CIA heroin trade? Re: Operation Gladio B. Or what about nearly annihilating all the Germans WWII? Can we consider the element in justice in constantly fucking around near the Russian border and scaring the people all over Europe and the Americas?

If you want to see some of the garbage that they were saying about Germans please refer to this site by Michael Tsarion called Germanophobia. The British and Americans both like to repeat justifications for the genocide of the Germans but as time goes on and the propaganda dispelled we are coming to understand these wars in a different way(including facts).

During the press conference they did not mention anything about Jewish influence on either of the two states. It’s absurd not to mention it and even insulting to both us and the Jews. There is an Anglo-Jewish partnership among the rulers. They have worked very hard to be at the top of the society and they get no credit. I would have preferred if the leaders would go into if this is good for us as a whole or not. That would be the right thing to do considering the economy and also the policies of immigration. Is it considered to be cool to pretend we have no awareness of the dominant groups common to both our nations?

What of the downfall of South Africa and Rhodesia? Didn’t both our media establishments release tons of propaganda in line with British foreign policy against those nations? They did not want to be a part of the empire or have black majority rule in their government. So now those once beautiful and flourishing African nations are hellholes overflowing with murder and filth. They’re also being re-colonized by China since the whites were either killed or driven out via white-flight. So, if you were once a colony, and even blood related, but you want to go your own way, watch out for the masters. If they cannot have you nobody can.

These are a few of the entanglements we’ve inherited or participated in since being a partner with the British. How does the average person benefit from any of that? In my family both of my grandfathers, one of British descent, the other of German descent, fought in WWII. They came back with some issues that effected my parents. None of that benefited me. How does it benefit you that we’re partners with the British in world-shattering and fratricidal cataclysms? Is that worth the lakes of the blood spilled and why are people celebrating it?

P.M. May tells us

Trade between us is already worth over 150 billion pounds a year

…lay the groundwork for a UK-US trade agreement…

…enable companies in both countries to trade and do business with one another more easily…

…convinced that a trade deal between US and the UK is in the national interest of both countries…

She says this will be good for the ‘working people.’

it will CEMENT the crucial relationship between us

I propose we put questions like the following through to ‘official’ channels and insist on answers:

  • Is it in the best interests of our people here to have involvement with Britain to this scale?
  • If there is a maligned Jewish-Anglo partnership can that be up for negotiation?
  • Can the leaders find us a solution that reduces the size and power of the government?
  • What is up with all the paper assets speculation between UK-US markets?
  • How is it possible the Baby Boomers avoided doing anything about… anything?

Cuckoldry Olympics: Which nation will please browns best?#

UK is very eager to bring in more browns:

UK eager for browns
source wikipedia/uk-ons

See also demographics of U.S.

UK fieldtrips to the mosk:#

fieldtrip to the mosk 01

fieldtrip to the mosk 02

fieldtrip to the mosk 03

military in the mosk

police in the mosk

police overrun by browns

USA schools happy to fund Latino interests and terrorists:#

usa la raza 01

Anti-Trump La Raza youths beat white Trump supporter

Anti-Trump brown youths crush a cop car in Costa Mesa, CA

In California, the place where I was born and where I spent much of my youth, they had a fun time out there destroying things and chanting racial slurs against whites. Taxpayers fund radicalization of Latinos and get them riled up to yell things at cops. They want Aztlan, a nation consisting of the whole south-west United States. Once they have achieved it they will proceed to burn it all down and live in squalor on the ashes of civilization.

UK government enjoys funding Islamic and Hindu ‘Faith Schools’:#

uk faith schools 01

Also ‘free schools’ are state-funded places where they can teach you how to be gay or trans if you’re not into Eastern religion.

U.S.A. is very enthusiastic about promoting homosexuality in public school:

usa gay straight alliance 01

usa gay straight alliance 02

usa uk gay schools

Is UK as passionate as our nation about promoting homosexuality in the youth?

Based on the evidence I can’t decide which nation wins as biggest cuck yet. It could be us by sheer population and spending numbers. But, if the UK were as big as us they may blow just as much money or more when it comes to pleasing the browns.

What interests is it to us to fund all these groups that hate us? Can we get an official explanation for the total cost and motivation for promoting all the brown cultural projects with white money? Can we negotiate a refund for all of it?

You’ve heard of the Black Budget in defense spending but in the future we’ll hear more of the Brown Budget.

Our awkward ‘special relationship’#

Mr. President, you’ve said before that ‘torture works’, you’ve praised Russia, you’ve said you want to ban some Muslims from coming to America, you’ve suggested there should be punishment for abortion. For many people in Britain those sound like alarming beliefs. What do you say to viewers at home who are worried about some of your views and are worried about you becoming the leader of the free world?
-Laura Kuenssberg, BBC

For whatever reason that seemed to make the PM and the President a tad uncomfortable…


So we’ve got torture, Russia, Muslim immigration, and abortion all in one question. How do we know if things like that are interests of the UK people or part of the state-funded BBC agenda? They get that sort of news whether they like it or not. I also don’t know if the state funds our news channels but they do with some other kinds of channels, each one being Leftist, and the news is surely connected with CIA. There is some chatter about cutting funds to the National Endowment for the Arts though.

Could it also be that the ‘punishment’ they are talking about means they might stop giving incentives to abortion clinics or radical Leftist-Feminist pro-abortion courses in the subsidized university education? Is the ‘punishment’ that people might have to be more careful about who they are having sex with? Maybe the ‘punishment’ means we don’t want to support people living promiscuously, recklessly, and terminating the unborn like a bunch of savages. see the psychohistory table

I’ll be representing the American people very strongly.
-President Trump

That’s really what we need is for our true interests to be represented in government. It’s like a fun new idea to so many, Make America Great Again, an idea lost a hundred years ago.

The Fox reporter asks Trump to address some criticism about Mexico. It’s typical of the mainstream cucks to cloak the Leftist agenda in an ‘air of fairness.’ As if there is this criticism, it’s valid, and we really need answers for it. Another press question insinuating Trump is a flip-flopper. So consistency is now a value to the media, they’re insinuating he lacks coherency, and by golly, they need answers!

These sorts of questions coming from the press have nothing to do with the interests of the people. It’s a luxury to even be able to keep asking stupid things like that when we have such great challenges for each of our nations. We heard nothing of great challenges like the Jewish-Anglo ruler’s partnership, multiculturalism and demographics, currencies, and a host of things going against our interests.

A Proposal: Find out what is propping up and enabling these news organizations that have no connection or interest in promoting the interests of the people. Enable President Trump to represent the interests of the American people. Never back down from the Communist Left that are trying to destroy our nation.

Another Proposal: If it’s not too costly can we find out if there are any mutually beneficial aspects to a US-UK government relationship? Consider it may be better to go our separate ways for a while. The UK is even more hard-lined Leftist than us in general. Could they be dragging us down with them into their Soviet-style nightmare? Or vice versa; are we dragging them down?

Trump brought up issues in his campaign that people may have heard for the first time. It might even be the first time in decades that the American people considered that their own interests could be represented in politics. The Brexit campaign might be the first time in decades that the British people were asked to think about their own interests. If it’s true then the people of our nations have a severe self-esteem deficit along with their demographic suicide and wealth squandering. For now lets hope this ‘special relationship’ they’re working at does something helpful besides promoting queerness, abortion, and advocating brown and black interests at the expense of whites. That would be a good place to start.

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