Making Quick UI Proposals for Team and Customer Love

Usually we have a general idea of what we want things to look like on our app. To get specific about how the thing looks we might need to see some options before making the final decision. If it sounds like team members or the customer are unsure how to proceed here’s a quick tool to help get things moving.

I have a couple ideas for that. Do you think it would make sense if I take a couple hours and put together some examples for us to look at?

It’s like when you go shopping for clothes. Unless you’re an eccentric like @Cernovich and his uniform you’re going to know your usual style but be open to some diversity in the designs too. This same thing applies to making textboxes, buttons, and other controls in the app.

Most of the time team members will be impressed and eager for you to mix together a sweet potpourri of code, style, and images. You also have to be open to getting rejected and going in a different direction. It’s unlikely anyone will want to point and laugh at you for this kind of activity.

Start with the default#


Sometimes people just opt for the default, that industrial look, and they might want to put that extra time into validation.

Then throw in some Zazz#

1. Soccer Field#


2. Hawaii Day, simple, transitions#


3. Hawaii Night, simple, transitions#


4. Ostentatious Composite, transitions, animations#

(click and hold!)

If you stick to simplicity you can crank out more variations for the demo. Later when a decision is reached more detail can be added.

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