The Secret Cloaked in Psychology

Like any profession there is a vocabulary used to described actions, reactions, tools, and other observations. It didn’t occur to me right away but there is one word that can sum up what the field of psychology is all about. I’ll spoil it right away too. It’s just Maturity.

It would be embarrassing for people to know that what psychologists are really studying are how immature we are and various ways to help us become more mature. (The brave ones anyway.) They aren’t going to just say that. People just think that having an adult body means they are an adult. Ah, if only it were so easy! Doing the real work of psychology(and philosophy too) require guts. If the students and practitioners don’t have the courage they wont ever understand the amazing struggle described in this great ology.

The less mature and inexperienced are more easily fooled and controlled because of their brain isn’t fully developed. A numbness must be maintained in order for people to exploit each other and to keep avoiding the pain of dealing with fundamental issues in life. Just like the parasite always does, it injects a poison that numbs the nerves so it can feed without defenses. In humans the parasite that did the original damage can be long dead but the poison persists in our minds. Hence, the idea of ghosts.

It’s not primarily people in the government who enforce the culture of stupidity and immaturity as commonly believed. They definitely enable, cover up, and exacerbate the problem. More substantially it is the horizontal attack from community and peers that keeps the mind trapped in a particular class structure most strongly. To grow in modern society is to suffer disapproval and ostracism. In the past to grow was to be put to death as a witch or heretic. So many people have fought and died to advance human maturity and to help us exit barbaric times. That is part of what gives me strength to push as hard as I do for honesty and curiosity. I have it so easy compared to many other truth fighters of ancient times.

The childhood is spent trying to preserve one’s own true self and to be guided to adulthood by the parents. What happens instead is a cowardly battle of overwhelming corruption waged by the community of origin against that child. To me, every child is a hero fighting against impossible odds. The child’s fighting and resistance to an overwriting of their self that develops a personality or in other words ‘mind scars.’ Those scars accumulate like weights on our shoulders. More traumas mean we get less functional and less mature. The more nurturing the more nimble, functional, and mature. It’s pretty easy to understand in reality but the cloak of psychology has obfuscated the simple principles of real life. Academia does what it does best and that is making money maintaining culture. If it was once a place to nurture the greatest minds it is not that today. Are they going to sell a book called “Stop Abusing Children: The Road To Mature Adulthood”? All the stupid things adults heave onto children is called ‘education’, now extending into the twenties, all because the people with adult bodies feel better if all the children suffer the same way they did. If they can’t be adults nobody can!

After getting their brain damaged by their community people assemble into groups or classes to maintain their stories together and biology callously pushes forward a new generation. Sperm and eggs don’t care how mature we are as long as more babies are created. So what people fail to realize is that real adults are not actually parenting children, it’s retarded adult bodies with beat down child-like mentalities who are doing the parenting. The human child is so robust so it can handle a lot of punishment without becoming schizophrenic. Many still do succumb to the assault. Does it sound horrifying or insulting for me to say that? Think about what that is like for the children whose eyes are fixated on every move the parent makes. Just spend some time remembering how adults treated you when you were young. Or write about it if you can. The children are hoping and praying all the time their parents do the right thing and demonstrate maturity. It’s not maturity but tyrannical power that children witness instead.

Any Psychologist that does not trace current observed phenomenon back to the patient’s childhood is going to most likely be wrong and even harmful. The current problems and issues of a patient almost always go back to bad principles, betrayals, abuse, and neglect suffered by the child. It then gets dissociated away temporarily to be surfaced later in the form of drama. The skilled psychologist is like the mind-archaeologist uncovering ways the person was tortured, dressing the wound, and coaching the person not to pick the scab for a new scar.

I hope that clears up some of the confusion about psychology. It’s not only the study of maturity but a heroes path to advancing humanity. Take care and be sure to write about your childhood for your children’s sake. Don’t puss out.

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