A Force For Good Is Reaching Out To You

Ten years ago I started following a conversation that would later change my whole world. At the time I didn’t know what impact it would have but I was trying to get some answers. I had questions about the world, life, the mind, and I was desperate to know. Have you ever thought that there was something miserably wrong with the world and that you wanted to do something that would make an improvement? That is what I discovered and to my amazement there were some steps I could take on my own to bring those positive changes to fruition!

The name of the conversation was called Freedomain Radio, hosted by Stefan Molyneux. The show is now the most popular philosophy show in the world with an audience fiercely passionate for the truth. For long he had spoken with people in his own life about ideas, virtue, and how one might connect better with others. It’s not the kind of subject that you can have easily with many people. The controversial topics hit like a truck when they collide into emotional defenses, offenses, family, and society. Thankfully he moved this conversation out of his personal life and into the public for us to hear.

Woven into the fabric of the show are powerful words about the nature of virtue and evil. It’s the fundamental human battle, a fight for goodness, that makes the show so powerful. There is no other show in existence that compares when you consider the impact this will have on our future.

Philosophy has been given the ultimate upgrade by the Herculean effort of Stefan. If you can pick up on the themes and act on them your world and our world will be changed for the better. I know it! Please have a listen if there is a part of you that wonders why things are so messed up and with real solutions for addressing ills of human thinking.

Stefan Molyneux YouTube Channel

FDR Podcasts

Thank you for considering what I have asked you to do. It will be a wild ride if you make the choice to listen and future generations will thank you for acting on the powerful information contained therein.

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