cjdns-admin v0.2.0 release

There is a new release of the cjdns-admin module for node.


Updates include:

  • refactor including jslint
  • remove unwanted console.log
  • change constructor API
  • new members which return all pages at once

Thanks go to cel and willeponk for feedback and ideas.


npm install cjdns-admin@0.2.0

Example of constructor change:

var cjdnsAdmin = require('cjdns-admin'),

admin = cjdnsAdmin.createAdmin({
    host: process.env.CJDNS_ADMIN_IP,
    port: process.env.CJDNS_ADMIN_PORT,
    password: process.env.CJDNS_ADMIN_PASSWORD

If you had your admin credentials on your environment that would work.

Get all nodes at once:

admin.nodeStore.dumpTablePaged(function (err, results) {
    if (err) return console.log('paged result fail', err);
    console.log('all nodes', results);

Enjoy all that juicy data!


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