Pros and Cons to Having Rational Friends

Having a friend who is rational will:

  • help you think through difficult life decisions
  • challenge your beliefs
  • ask for clarification if they don’t understand what you said
  • apply logic to areas that are emotionally difficult for you
  • get to know you deeply and get you to know yourself
  • provide a good role model
  • connect you further with reality
  • tell you the truth
  • call people out for lying
  • confirm if your thinking process is correct or not
  • ask you about your goals
  • help your community build mental health
  • make you unpopular with irrational and abusive people
  • get you to focus on empiricism
  • be consistent
  • enrage stupid people
  • find clarity with you
  • encourage you to build the capacity and practice of virtue

Those are some of the pros and cons. However they can only be cons if you’re embedded in an irrational, superstitious, or abusive community.

My friends chime in:#

Toni: Your rational friend(s) love who you are now, and who you will be in the future!

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