The Value of Google Play Music

For six months I have been a paid subscriber to the Google Play Music(GPM) service. I wanted to give you a review of what I like about it. This is not a complete review of all features.

For a long time I have enjoyed working and doing stuff around the house while listening to music. I don’t get into many forms of entertainment so it’s very important for me to have high quality and ad-free music. Since I don’t care to keep around many hundreds of albums but I still want a lot of variety an internet-based music service is right for me.

Other excellent services I have subscribed to and enjoyed thoroughly are Pandora, Grooveshark, and Rhapsody.

This all came about when my yearly subscription with one service lapsed and their pricing went up. I started doing some price and feature comparisons. There was also an issue with my phone’s 3G internet speed and the fact that I was doing some work out in the middle nowhere so the connection was even worse to non-existant. I was hoping a new service would have a way to keep the beats flowing.

I saw that GPM was having a trial period so started it. Right away I noticed songs were playing more reliably even with my crap connection. I think what happens is some of the data will get saved on the device in advance so it can keep things going smoothly. I didn’t care to do a technical analysis on how they do it. I was just happy it worked!

Radio feature#

Something I often do is select an artist or song I like and GPM will make a sort of station playlist out of it like you might expect from other services. I’m not a great DJ so the theme or genre it selects on it’s own is fine and I let it cycle through for a few hours at a time. I rarely need to skip or thumb-down a track but that is available.

It’s really nice while the radio-playlists are going to be able to periodically look at the artist playing. Sometimes it’s familiar and other times not but the interface will allow you to drill down into that artists info. It’s great if you like to stay in a genre or sub-genre but discover some variety within it.

Album play#

There are those certain albums which are laid out so well and get me pumped or in-touch emotionally. In certain cases I would just prefer to play through an entire album start-to-finish and with no interruptions. You know how some people will skip through 23 different songs, listen to one for 30 seconds, and then get sidetracked onto some other shiny object? Not me. I can really focus and commit for the long haul baby!

Artist info#

When you find an artist you are interested in you can, within GPM, drill down into their info which includes Photo, Top Tracks, Albums, an article about each album, and Music Videos. I think it’s all sorted by popularity or relevance but however they do it by default it’s just fine with me.

Interface web & mobile#

The Android app and web interfaces are top notch. All the features respond quickly to my interactions. It’s also quite minimalistic compared to others. I love it.

Wait music videos? BONUS#

At some point I was poking around and re-noticed that there were music videos and decided to treat myself to a nice little sing-and-dance party with those. It is a lot of fun to watch and listen when I have some free time. Eventually I noticed that my YouTube account got upgraded with the YouTube Music Key service automatically. I was like what?

Now I have access to all the music videos on YouTube without any ads. HELL YES!

Good value#

It’s not the cheapest internet music service. It is however very high in quality and does all the stuff I care about with haste and good style. I have no complaints about paying their 9.99 per month. It will happily pay that price for this fine service.

I hope that helps you if you are looking into GPM. Toodles!

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