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About Tony Crowe, Developer, Boise, ID, US

As an Idahoan Tony dutifully consumes his weekly quota of potatoes but without ever pretending it is healthful as so many will have you believe. He is a person who delights in words and is both chatty and a good listener. The themes present in the Ainulindalë or the wisdom of UPB or the warning of "1984" capture his imagination. If you spend time with him in work or personal he will try to pull his weight in the group and treat each other person as a valuable comrade.

At work Tony does much with JavaScript, a reviled language with other developers, yet coveted by customers. He fears nothing in tech, not even binary formats. Some of his gigs have used 3D engines in the browser and cryptocurrency. Currently he is getting interested in WASM, D, and FaaS.

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Periodically I'm looking for open source projects to help with. Below are some highlights and interesting projects to look at.


Deploy a static site to IPFS


Gitea plugin for buildbot CI/CD app


Very cool HTTP unit testing mock server

Learn Plasma
Learn Plasma

All the resources you need to wield Plasma in the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • forms bounty for DAI token reward
  • static site refactor
  • review, testing, and help
Bounties Network
Bounties Network

Get rewarded for completing bounties. "Hive Vibe" included. 🐝

  • home page bounty for ETH coin reward